New songs added May 1st!

Click the tv screen to hear Sir Arthur & Company 1966, Calhoun, Kentucky


Written last week, recorded last night (April 26)
Tom Fishel, with Robert Wills "Chuggin' the Rails", 
a tribute to steam trains; remixed May 3rd.

Tom Fishel's Refuse the Refuse - a reggaebilly protest against the 
mega-dump proposed to be in Danford Lake, Quebec 
Also from the pen of Tom Fishel, as recorded by Burning Bush at the 
Rhythmn Ranch; Sailin' Away and at Ambience Sound; Arms Race
And, while we're in a mood for retro-environmental song, here's a 
newly-exhumed tune from the old days of Pontiac Anti-Nuclear Action Committee; 

Selected tunes from previous albums by the 
R Landon Wills/Bob Diddley production team:
This week's feature, Pontiac County 
Robert Wills, song, lead vocal, acoustic guitars. Bob Diddley, percussion, various 
instruments & backing vocals. Led Zimmerman, bass. Hollis Morgan, Les Paul guitar 
Recorded on the Fostex FD-8, at two locations, then augmented on a Win98box with PowerTracks by PG Music.

Preview Recordings from the future album
"Reinventing the Square Wheel"- songs, acoustic guitars and 
lead vocals by Robert Wills. Other instruments and voices, 
gratuitous production gimmicks by Bob Diddley 
1. Who's Gonna Fire Up the Boiler?
 - in memoriam, Eric Campbell, real-life inventor
2. Starlena - totally made-up character, no relation to 
any actual person, living or dead; not around here, anyway.
3. More Money For Me - a song mostly written in '75, inspired by 
a militantly entrepreneurial friend. Arc-welded to a riff 
partly-remembered from the high school jazz band. A tip of 
the hat to Jim Cole, who taught me much of what I know 
about the structure of song, during our six weeks of 
harmony classes.
4. My Lil' Angel - a pseudo-zydeco two-step instrumental - 
aka Mon p'ti Angele
5. Banker's Dozen - southern country gospel sound - more 
songs about money and greed
6. Shown Actual Sighs - samba-ish instrumental, of many 
guitars, mostly the GK F-4, recorded electrically and 
acoustically at the same time. 
7.June Birds - recorded out the back window of the A-frame at 
Dragonfly Realm, June '05
8. Thinking of Ramona - again, with the bossy-nervy. 
The acoustic guitar was pretty much improvised into my laptop,
then the percussion added on the Fostex D-8. 
9. Fire It Up - an earlier take of ...the Boiler, which turned out 
not to fit the vocal progression. X-tended jamout version.
10. Up and Down the Line - a simple guitarthing soundscape 
11. Acoustic Strut - just a bit of music I recorded on the laptop.