Pontiac Scenery

Photographs by Robert Wills

All rights reserved

Steam-Powered Threshing at Campbell Farm Clarendon, Quebec

Big Fat Toad  

Forest Frog


Beaver Damage 2 



Ebert's Pond Frozen 


Installing Satellite Internet   

Just Above the Falls`


the Waterfall


Swamp Ice 1 

Swamp Ice 3 

Shadowy Stone

Root Ball Cave

 Lichen Forest 

Large Stone

Lady Slipper 

Old Woody 


Painted Turtle

Mountain Road in Midwinter 

Shawville Mist

Rocky Forest


Shelf Fungus



Front Yard View Boxing Day   


Front Yard with Solar Lights

Pontiac Wreckage

Mao in Profile

Eric, Rob & Audrey at Split Rock

Dragonfly Compound, Oct. 06

Marilee in the Forest

Lookout from Mount O'Brien